Baroque, Show or Sport? Or all Three? Where do Critters Fit?

Have you ever pondered how you and your animals are a blessing to others? As we all LOOSELY fit into categories, where might you and your animal fit in? Wherever you find yourself, know that you are there for a reason, and your presence is a gift to someone.

As you lean against the fence watching your foal play in the field, do you contemplate what riding discipline he’d be good at? Maybe we as humans can find a way to relate to them as we explore different avenues. While we work with our young critters, how about we take a minute to consider how we can apply a simple philosophy to know what place we all might have in this grand scheme of life.

As with all mammals, within the different breeds, some exhibit superior qualities in certain areas, causing us to believe that they’d be great at one thing or another. Let’s simplify the topic to a base level in using only three categories to lump all mammals into.

  • Baroque, stock, or foundation type. However you label it, this traditional style of animal has the qualities to meet the needs of those who expect it of them. Hard work, grit, and the functionality to get the job done are bred into them. Having common sense, a level head, and a stout body enables them to perform all the duties necessary. Usually being needed for multiple tasks, they’ve learned many skills and adapted to the requirements.
  • Show type. These are the beauties. Their gift of grace, style, and elegance lend for them to turn the heads of their onlookers. Often used to promote the brand or breed, their debonair entices you to continue watching or listening, maybe even buy the product! Coupled with the necessary attitude of flaunt and flair, and desire to be noticed, we can’t help but ogle when they enter.
  • Sport type. Wowing us with their amazing athletic ability, these mammals encourage us to push forward and try harder to reach our goals. Raising the bar of achievement, coaching in word or merely by example, we realize we too can succeed. As they entertain us with their adept unmatched skills, we appreciate all the long hours devoted to the training of mind, body, and soul that it took to reach their full potential.

But what if a critter, two legged or four, fits into all three categories? you might ask. Some people like versatility and having only one mammal that’s multiskilled. Are you the type of person that does all of your home improvements and repairs yourself, dresses up beautifully for a night out, and rides your bike many miles to stay fit? I guess that’d mean that you’d fall into all three!

Recognizing that some mammals function perfectly in the realm of one category, while others get along well performing the duties of all of them, puts us on the path to love each and every creature for who they truly are. It’s the wonderful reality of being so different. When we try and make another being squeeze into a mold that we think they should be in, our intentions, however noble, can become abusive. Maybe we should spend time on our knees, asking if change and growth is possible.

We are all so valuable, no matter where we belong. We might not take home the silver cup to be engraved, but were lovingly cared for, being safely taken around the ring by a loyal mount who was giving it all he had. We should be happy for those ribbons that are the many colors of the rainbow.

As we accept the talents and gifts of others with love and compassion, leave the judgement behind, and be thankful for their participation in every aspect of life’s events and duties, we can enjoy the benefits of fellowship with one another.

In my first book, The Life of Lexi, the reader can find great entertainment in watching the mare evolve to her full potential. Being ALL show horse, her antics will bring a smile to your face. Although Lexi enjoyed her walks in the woods, the screams of the crowd in the show ring was her passion.

Different than the next novel, (oops! a sneak preview!) where the stout, seasoned ranch horses go to work climbing the treacherous mountainsides, you’ll get an alternate view of another type of priceless animal.

What category do you fit into? Whatever it is, you’re there for a purpose, and necessary in the grand plan of our existence in the eternal round.

I’m thankful for you all!

Kyla Semore


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