Escape With Me into a Divergent Equestrian Novel

Do you feel like you want to read a book that differs from the rest? How about seeking to discover what a season in the life of a quirky horsewoman might be like?

It seems that these days we all are spending more time at home. Finding fun-filled, interesting and adventurous stories and activities to occupy our time can be taxing as time slowly creeps on.

As there’s more movies on the seeming endless channels, although very interesting, their plots can be similar. Maybe trying to experience a completely unexpected, yet refreshing tale would enrich your day.

Last Chance Ranch Saga’s first book, The Life of Lexi promises just that…a heart warming yarn taking the reader through the experience of a lifetime.

Feel the passion as Leah and her two daughters struggle to convince an obstinate mare that her existence would be blessed in compliance.

Escape into another world as you journey through their lives and love as they do.

While we all share one another’s burdens at this time, take a break and lose yourself in a great book.

Kyla Semore


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fiction country western genre author

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